Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still at the Maroua Transit House

I have been in the Maroua Transit house for over a month now. I think I am beginning to go crazy.

Every morning, I go across the street to Vieux Manoir and buy beans, macaroni, meatballs, piment, and chicken sauce (this is the marinade that is on the chicken [carrots, onions...]) When I get there I hand the bean lady a bowl that I have brought with me...then I say "the usual" and she knows what I want.

Maroua is a bit expensive, but in the last month I have figured out where I can go and eat for a dollar or less.

Bean Lady- $1.00 for breakfast
Shack by the Bus Agency- $.60 for lunch
Salad Guy+ Street eggs from a kid- $1.20

Totaling $2.80 or 1,400FCFA

Now lets talk about Belle Vie:

Belle Vie: OMG...pretty much sums it up.
At BV one can get just about anything, I will be going there later today and adding some pictures of all the different things, but for now I will do my best to describe what they serve/ what I eat.

Beth Weeks likes: Steak Pane with cheese and french fries. This is basically steak or hamburger that is served like what we would call chicken fried steak, with cheese...mmmm.... it is served with maggi sauce (msg +salt) mayonnaise, and piment sauce (spicy pepper that is grown throughout all of Cameroon)

Stephen Sweiten likes: Same as above, he actually introduced this plate to Beth since it is technically not on the menu.

I like: pretty much everything there. depending on my mood I will go with a white chicken avocado salad or if I'm really hungry I will eat Steak with pepper sauce and some sort of potato (fries, steamed...)

Here is something I made
the other day in village for Breakfast
This is:
Green tea
Fresh homemade tortillas
lentils and rice
Eggs with fresh basil, tomatoes, onions, and maggi.
also, we can find Tobasco in the Regional Capital.

Here is a closer view of the same meal:

Hmm, this was a super random post, but I was too bored not to write it and hopefully, you will now feel like you know me a bit better.

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  1. I think you should write more posts like this. I love hearing the details of your life! Dang we should have sent you some wicked hot sauce. I did not even think of that...