Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holy Crap, I Just Made Doughnuts!

First of all, what the hell!?
Why did no one tell me, my whole life, that doughnuts are so freaking easy to make?????

I feel a bit cheated.

I guess life goes on somehow though, so...here or some pictures of what I've created

Cameroon, on a whole, just got a lot better.

Monday, July 11, 2011

His Name is David

And when I'm not hating him, I love him.

As you may or may not know, I have a dog. If you ask me what breed, I will tell you he is Cameroonian (just as I'm American?). I don't know what he is, all the dogs in this country, for the most part, look exactly the same, which, if I'm missing David is a bad thing, because whenever I see another dog I think of him and become more sad.

He is about 8 months old? Maybe more, I can't remember, I have only had him for the past 4 months. I abandoned him for 4 months at my old post-mates house while I was in transition.

He luckily still remembered me after me having been gone for those formative months of puppyhood.

I have dressed him up here in one of my tank tops. He had just finished chewing one of the arm areas up so I could no longer wear it, it is now his. I think he looks like Dabi (from Harry Potter, of course)

This post will be short and sweet cuz I don't got a lot to say here...he's a dog
He can sit when I tell him to
He will shake your hand if you say "SHAKE"

and he likes to eat everything...:(

I am a little horrified with myself. I don't feel exactly dirty right now, but feel just a tinge of pity for myself, I have become one of those dog people, oh gawd.

What follows are just more pictures of David being CUTE!

David found a little hole or wedge of space between the new building in my yard and the old wall, I'm not sure what he does in there, it's sort of weird.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

A House I Happen To Live In

Here we are, 4 months into living in my new home, in a new village.

The specs?

4 bedrooms
1 bathroom, with shower and modern toilet
1 latrine
1 salon (living room)
1 kitchen

I live in a strange groupings of houses with an assortment of rooms. I can't call them bedrooms, although, one could sleep in them, so I will cover the uses I use them for instead.

I have a salon (living-room)

A front porch, that is lower than the dirt it borders and therefore floods when it rains.

I have a small side yard, that is slowly getting smaller as the owner builds more bedrooms in my concession.

I have a storage room, but nothing to store in it.

I have a kitchen that was formerly a bedroom.

Another bedroom that I am using as a work out room and will be turning into a living room in the future.

Another bedroom that will be used as a bed room as soon as I furnish it.

Another bedroom that is used as...my bedroom (it even has a real closet).

A bathroom, with a recessed tiled shower, modern toilet, and vanity mirror area (there is no sink, but there is a spigot at shin level in the shower that I source all of my water from).

And that's it :)
By Peace Corps standards I have a really nice house, by American standards I have a big house, and by my standards I will not have this nice of a house until I'm old...mostly because I will never need a 4 bedroom house by myself, although I do really enjoy having all the free space to work with and live in :)