Sunday, July 3, 2011

A House I Happen To Live In

Here we are, 4 months into living in my new home, in a new village.

The specs?

4 bedrooms
1 bathroom, with shower and modern toilet
1 latrine
1 salon (living room)
1 kitchen

I live in a strange groupings of houses with an assortment of rooms. I can't call them bedrooms, although, one could sleep in them, so I will cover the uses I use them for instead.

I have a salon (living-room)

A front porch, that is lower than the dirt it borders and therefore floods when it rains.

I have a small side yard, that is slowly getting smaller as the owner builds more bedrooms in my concession.

I have a storage room, but nothing to store in it.

I have a kitchen that was formerly a bedroom.

Another bedroom that I am using as a work out room and will be turning into a living room in the future.

Another bedroom that will be used as a bed room as soon as I furnish it.

Another bedroom that is used bedroom (it even has a real closet).

A bathroom, with a recessed tiled shower, modern toilet, and vanity mirror area (there is no sink, but there is a spigot at shin level in the shower that I source all of my water from).

And that's it :)
By Peace Corps standards I have a really nice house, by American standards I have a big house, and by my standards I will not have this nice of a house until I'm old...mostly because I will never need a 4 bedroom house by myself, although I do really enjoy having all the free space to work with and live in :)

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